26 Aug

There are many catalogs/pricing guides out there that will give you the “estimated value” for both cards and memorabilia. Beckett is by far the most widely recognized publisher in the industry. I have also done searches on-line at the numerous sites that sell memorabilia and cards, such as e-bay. You can get a pretty good idea on these sites of the current Market Value.

You should also keep in mind that sports cards and memorabilia are difficult to tell the “true” value of, because they often have are more valuable to one person than another.Sports memorabilia value often is overestimated by the holder of the items, because there is often times some nostalgia/memories associated with the items. The value of the object is merely what you are willing to allow another person to take off of Your hands for.

Personally I often found that the monetary value that another person is willing to pay pales in comparison to the nostalgic and personal value that the items have to me. Autographed Baseballs in fantastic condition.


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